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Did you Make Your Bed?

I can still hear my mother’s voice as she asked, “Bobby did you make your bed?” Over 70 years have passed by and it still rings in my ears. I guess that is why I make the bed every day… even now.

Making the bed is just a small task, but to me it is enormously important. It truly soothes my soul at the end of a long, strenuous day to take a shower, say my prayers and get into a perfectly made bed. For some reason it makes me feel secure, comfortable and happy. On a rare occasion, for one reason or other, the bed doesn't get made. On those days bedtime comes and the unmade bed actually adds to the stress of my day.

My mother would also say, “You made your bed, so you lie in it!” Of course, this had a completely different connotation. Now as I think about it, she said this to me quite often.

My friends, we are living in perilous times, filled with uncertainty and concern. We can either can make our bed and sleep with a more secure and peaceful feeling or have to lie down with troubling thoughts as we try to rest.

So work while the sun shines! Prepare every needful thing. Make your Bed!

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