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Remember the Alamo! Remember the Alamo! February 23, 1836, began the siege of the Alamo, a 13-day moment in history that turned a ruined Spanish mission in the heart of downtown San Antonio, Texas, into a shrine known and revered the world over.

Are we witnessing another Alamo in its making? Will we look back on the Coronavirus Pandemic as the World's Alamo?

I just received a letter from Mountain House Foods. An excerpt follows.

  • The number of orders we received over the last two weeks have exceeded our on-hand inventories. We are producing 24/hours a day, 7 days a week to replenish these inventories as quickly as possible. However, the demand continues to exceed what we can produce in a week's time. Therefore we have moved to an allocation program, effective immediately.

  • Right now our focus is on the orders that were placed last month still waiting to be filled and shipped. As we work through these orders, we will be shipping the items we do have in stock and anything out of stock will be deleted from the PO. We will be working on the orders from oldest to newest. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

  • Once we have shipped out what we can on the POs already in the system, we will be ready to upload, on a weekly basis, inventory onto our dealer portal. We will have product for you, but at a limited quantity and not all items will be available all at once as we can only run a set number of flavors per week. Please keep checking the dealer portal for updated inventories. It will be offered on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Currently we are about 30 days out on shipping as we work through the hundreds of orders.

Not only is Mountain House out of food, but Honeyville, American Family, Thrive, Emergency Essentials, Auguason Farms and every other company we work with is as well.

I knew this would happen! I have seen it for years in the making. I have prepared for you. I still have things in stock. Saturday night, I received a phone call. The man on the phone asked if I had any product left. I told him that I did. He said, "I want to buy it all!" I thought for a second and then replied, "I am sorry, but the things I have are for my friends."

You are my friends and I am so glad to be here at your Alamo!

How Far Can You See?

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