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I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows

I was talking with my grandson yesterday and I related a story that my grandmother shared with me. The story unfolds like this: Back in the 1930's when the Midwest was suffering through the dust bowl, there was a young man who needed a job. As he tried to find employment, he went to several different farms. On one occasion a farmer asked the young man, “Why should I hire you? What talents do you have?” The young man thought for a second or two and then blurted out, “I can sleep when the wind blows!”

The farmer need help and decided to take a chance on the young fellow. Several months went by when one night there came a horrible windstorm. The farmer was awakened by the storm and ran to the barn where the young man slept. He tried to wake him up but he just couldn’t. Disgusted, he frantically ran to where the cows were, to bring them to shelter. When he arrived, he found that the cows had already been gather in and were peacefully eating their provided food.

He then rushed to the doors and openings in the barn to shut them, only to find them closed and secured. He continued to the chickens and other animals to find then same conditions of care. Only then, did the words of the young man on his hiring day ring in his ears, “I can sleep when the wind blows!”

I watched my grandson as I told him the story. I could see that he was fully aware of what I was trying to teach him.

I ask you, “Can you sleep when the wind blows”?

How far can you see?

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1 Comment

Mike Farruggio
Mike Farruggio
Feb 11, 2020

Because I trust Jesus.

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