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Russian Roulette - Mandatory Participation!



I thought that today we might like to play a rousing game of RUSSIAN ROULETTE, wouldn’t that be fun? Of course, anyone in their right mind would decline my invitation. Actually, you get to play whether you like it or not! When you took your first breath, the cylinder on the revolver started to spin!

Over the course of our lives the cylinder stops and the gun discharges. The chambers (where the bullets are stored) contain many varieties of loads, such as: sickness, government corruption, loss of job, bad decisions, civil unrest, death of a loved one, floods, fires, hurricanes, and on and on. The only way that you can protect yourself from these horrible things is with the Shield of Preparedness.

We must be vigilant and be prepared physically, mentally and spiritually! We cannot rely on outside help to save us from these dangers. We must be personally prepared ourselves.

Knowledge is where it all starts! The more you know, the more you can shield against the calamities of life.

At East Coast Preppers, we are willing to help you all that we can. We will share with you all that we know and open doors of resources to you. Just come and learn. Bring your own knowledge and skills to share with our group. We will all benefit.

Check out our newly announced training classes, including a Gardening class and a Food Storage cooking class! Click here to review our entire upcoming schedule.

How far can you see?

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